City of De Queen Government

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  2. March 17, 2013 3:15 am

City of De Queen Government

The City of De Queen, Arkansas is the county seat of Sevier County and is located in the lower southwestern portion of the state. The population of De Queen in 2010 was 6,629 people.

The City of De Queen offers a number of excellent services to her residents. De Queen employs fourteen sworn police officers and two resource officers. These resource officers are provided to perform duties at the local schools. The department also employs a full-time criminal investigator. The police department serves the citizens of De Queen with a full complement of equipment including twelve police cars and provides services that include twenty-four hour patrols, animal control, neighborhood watch programs and full emergency services. They also work in concert with other law enforcement, both local and state, including the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department and Highway Patrol as well as fish and game wardens.

The De Queen Fire Department is a volunteer fire department with three full-time firefighters and twenty-eight trained volunteers. The department is fully equipped with three pumper trucks, two brush trucks, a seventy-five foot aerial and a 2,500 gallon tanker. The De Queen Fire Department serves the community in a five mile radius from the city.

The children and families of De Queen are served by the six following schools in the De Queen School District: De Queen Primary School, De Queen Elementary and Lockesburg Elementary School, De Queen Middle School, De Queen Junior High School and De Queen High School.

The De Queen Public Library is a part of the Southwest Arkansas Regional Library System. The library offers over 240,000 print materials to the residents of De Queen as well as over 2500 audio materials, over 3800 video materials and 249 print subscriptions. With a total staff of twenty-four, the library serves the residents of De Queen who visit their library over 62,000 times annually.

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