De Queen Parks and Recreation

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  2. February 8, 2013 3:11 am

De Queen Parks and Recreation

The City of De Queen, Arkansas has two city parks, Herman Dierks Park and the Highway 70 West Sportsplex.

Herman Dierks Park was created in 1954 with the acquisition by the city of ten and one-quarter acres of land where the Dierks Lumber and Coal Company had operated a sawmill. The City of De Queen provided heavy equipment to create the park, but members of the community actually built it, using volunteers for labor, some who even used their own tools. Businesses in the area also gave their employees the opportunity to take split shifts so they could work on the project.

The Herman Dierks Park Foundation was also founded in order to provide follow-up funding. During subsequent years more property has been added to the park eventually culminating in the forty-five acres that comprise Dierks Park today. Today Dierks Park offers residents a Little League Field, a softball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, playground equipment, an event pavilion measuring thirty by seventy feet, and a lighted walking path. Most recently, the city opened a new disc golf course. This eighteen-hole course encompasses much of the park’s acreage.

In the 1990’s a second park was added at Highway 70 West and Home Run Drive. Called the Highway 70 West Sportsplex, this facility is located on forty acres and contains one 250- foot softball field, two 200-foot youth fields, and a 335 foot boys majors field. The park also contains batting cages for baseball and softball, a concession stand, a one-quarter mile-long paved and lighted trail for walking as well as playground equipment. There is also a pavilion at the Sportsplex measuring thirty by seventy feet for public use or available for rental. In 2002 the Sportsplex received the Best Facility Award from the Arkansas Recreation and Parks Association.

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